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South Korean DJ NewJeansNim faces calls for ban in Malaysia after performing in monk robe at dance club


Malaysian lawmaker Wee Ka Siong has chided a South Korean DJ for his recent performance in a Kuala Lumpur dance club while dressed as a monk.

Wee said that DJ NewJeansNim has angered the Buddhist community in Malaysia when he “disguised” himself as a Buddhist monk and performed at the club, which gave a wrong perception of Buddhist values and teachings.

“I agree with the Young Buddhist Association Malaysia (YBAM) and Fo Guang Shan Malaysia which have called for action to be taken by the authorities to ban a DJ from Korea from performing again at a dance club in Kuala Lumpur,” he said in a statement.

The DJ had performed at the dance club on May 3 and was seen wearing a monk dressing gown and using Buddhist prayer items during his performance in a viral video.

“His controversial acts have hurt the feelings of the Buddhist community, which will celebrate Vesak Day (the festival commemorating the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha) in two weeks’ time,” the Malaysian Chinese Association president said, adding that the DJ was expected to perform in Malaysia again on May 21 – a day before Vesak Day.

“I appeal to the home affairs minister to instruct the immigration department, the police and the Puspal secretariat (the central committee for the application for filming and performance by foreign artistes) to prevent the entry of the DJ into Malaysia in order to respect the sanctity of Buddhism and preserve religious harmony in Malaysia.”

“If the DJ did not disguise as a Buddhist monk during his performance and incite religious sensitivity and cause unnecessary controversy, the Buddhist community will not have any intention to block the performance of any artists,” Wee added.

YBAM was reported saying that it has received complaints from devotees who believed that the DJ had “harmed and disrespected” the Buddhist way of life with his performance.

This story was first published by The Star


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