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The best MagSafe wallets of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed


Journey’s Ezmo MagSafe wallet is the perfect balance of style and function with enough space to hold 5 cards — the most on this list. The Ezmo wallet also doubles as a phone stand, so you can watch your favorite entertainment on the go or keep your phone screen visible at your desk. The stand has adjustable viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes.

It’s made of vegan leather and comes in four traditional color options (black, dark brown, navy blue, and dove gray). The Ezmo MagSafe wallet also features a protective lining to safeguard your cards’ information with RFID technology while preventing your cards from becoming demagnetized.

I tested the Ezmo wallet for several weeks during my everyday life, including my commute from NJ to NYC. When I evaluate MagSafe wallets, I’m always looking for easy and seamless access to my NJ Transit card, which I need to grab and put away quickly. Thanks to the notch on the front of the Ezmo wallet, I can store my transit card (certainly my most used card) in the front. It’s easy to slide out, so if you’re looking for a commuter-friendly wallet, I highly recommend choosing one with a front notch option. 

I also like how the Ezmo MagSafe wallet provides enough space for 5 cards and even folded cash. It’s perfect for holding my debit card, work badge, and other incidentals like paper train tickets. I don’t often keep my driver’s license or credit card in my phone wallet while going to work, but I like that I had the option if I need or want to for another event or activity.  

The phone stand was nice, too. I enjoyed being able to prop my phone up while at the office. I even found myself using the back half of the wallet as a makeshift grip on the train, which added some extra stability. Although it’s one of the priciest options on this list, I think it’s well worth the investment due to its multi-functionality and excellent quality, especially if you’ll use your MagSafe wallet everyday. The Ezmo wallet is also available in a tracking version — the LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand — if you’re prone to losing things frequently. 

Current users on the Journey website said they liked the slim profile, smart design, larger card capacity, and sleek material — so much so that the wallet has a 5/5 star rating online, with one customer noting that it “does it all really well.”

Journey Ezmo wallet and phone stand features: Multi-functional | RFID protection | Built-in lock to prevent card slippage | Dimensions: 66 mm x 102.5 mm x 12.5 mm | Card capacity: Up to 5 cards


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