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Singapore, Philippines sign agreement for airlines to offer up to 150 codeshare services weekly


SINGAPORE: Singapore and the Philippines have signed an agreement for its airlines to offer up to 150 weekly codeshare services to carry passengers between Singapore and Manila, up from the current limit of 35.

Airlines from third countries will serve as codeshare partners. 

The new limit of 150 weekly codeshare services will double by end-March 2026, and will be fully lifted by March the following year.

In addition, there will be no limit on codeshare services between Singapore and other points in the Philippines, as well as between Singapore and any points in the Philippines involving airlines from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or the European Union.

Singapore’s Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Yee Ping Yi and the Philippines’ Assistant Secretary for Aviation and Airports Enrique Antonio J Esquivel signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday (May 9).

It upgrades the bilateral Air Services Agreement (ASA), which was signed in 2010 and last amended in 2015.

The upgraded ASA also allows Philippine airlines that are fully owned or controlled by nationals of other countries to access the traffic rights exchanged in the ASA, as long as their principal place of business is in the Philippines.

Previously, only airlines that were substantially owned and effectively controlled by Philippine nationals could do so.

Mr Yee said: “It is important to provide a favourable regulatory environment so that our carriers can capitalise on new business opportunities.

“This MOU will facilitate improved air connectivity between and beyond both countries and is a win-win outcome for both countries.”


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